Invest more time gaining insights that makes an impact and spend less time on admin. Meet scalable, engaging training that’s customized to your needs. 

Virtual learning made easy

The only way to ensure the high performance and productivity of any team, is through their continued learning and development. Lightbulb’s easy to use virtual learning environment [VLE] is your go-to solution partner for cultivating an online learning culture in your organization.

How do we make virtual learning easy?

 Powered by AWS, our award-winning virtual learning environment providers enable trainers and educators to engage with users on any device.  By focusing on digital content and interactivity, we make training & education easy.


Digital content creation and conversion

Precision analytics and performance insight

Smarter and faster with risk free scalability

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Turn on efficiencies, early.

 Organisations are looking to turn on learning and development programs that are efficient, scalable, sustainable and
add real value. Our all-in-one solution understands that user adoption, retention and ongoing development are the
enablers of these efficiencies.


Improve user adoption

Ongoing skills development

Increase employee retention

We customise solutions to fit your needs.

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