Lightbulb LMS

Our Learning Management System or LMS allows subject matter experts to engage with users using any internet connectable device.

By focussing on digital content and interactivity Lightbulb aims to make education more accessible to users everywhere.


Easily manage content and interactive services between subject matter experts and learners.


Users can access a Lightbulb LMS from any internet connectable device.

Laptops, mobile, desktop, and tablets alike.

Save Time and Money

Users can access content and interact/communicate at any time. Lightbulb services are available 24/7.

Save money on costs and logistics of accessing content and user interactivity. Lightbulb provides easy online access.

Increased User Interaction

Experts and learners are able to interact with each other, collaborate, share ideas and queries.

Thereby improving overall understanding of content and subject matter.


Virtual courses and programs can accommodate an unlimited number of users.



I was introduced to Lightbulb through my current company. This online platform allows employees/employers to receive internal training on the company’s products, regulations, and other courses. It’s really easy to use as an admin user for my company, I am able to pull out an employee’s progress report, upload a module or assessment, and register a user onto Lightbulb. I would highly recommend Lightbulb to any company that wants to enhance employee’s knowledge of company products and topics.

Lastly, the staff/ creators of lightbulb are so friendly and helpful – always very quick responses at any time of the day to attend to any issues on Lightbulb.

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