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We are a virtual learning environment (VLE) provider offering customized solutions for all your online learning and training needs

It stands for a virtual learning environment, which is online training/learning solution

Yes, we pride ourselves in our 3 tier support system.

For all your technical, operational or content needs.

Phone: +27 87 012 5274


No, our platform is also equipped with all the features needed to carry out successful workforce training. 

Yes, we have successfully assisted a client of ours in training 5000 of their contractors at one time. 

All costs are listed in the pricing plans, except for custom setups which are determined after sales discussions.

Our platforms are user friendly and fully accessible from any device, including a mobile device. Allowing for training or learning to happen at anytime, anywhere. 

The Lightbulb messenger allows you to chat directly with our instructors and subject experts.  You can also chat to your peers via the group chatrooms

No annual fee or updates.

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