“We worked with Lightbulb Edtech to provide, manage, and administering a Virtual Learning Environment/LMS. Our relationship with Lightbulb began in 2020 and continues to this day. We implore you to use their services as they are efficient, service-orientated, and customer driven. We have only ever had exceptional service delivery from them and will continue using their services to help transform the NPO sector into a more digital sphere.”
Autism Western Cape
"With Mondi’s nature of projects we need a lot of skills and knowledge. Mondi has a lot of contractors that come to the site that do not have all the necessary skill sets required to work around the plant and the requirement became a matter of doing quick training and testing their knowledge with the suitable assessments, so that the workers do not injure themselves at work. After investigating the alternative to migrate the training online, Mondi saw that this method is far more cost effective. So the reasons were both for cost savings and mitigating the injuries."
“We partnered with Lightbulb EdTech to provide youth with the necessary skills to match contractors' needs for the Annual Mondi Shut. Work seekers attended various digital modules on the Lightbulb platform. Lightbulb managed and administered the day-to-day liaison with work seekers to ensure they completed the required modules and received their certificates. The content for the modules was relevant and customized to the employer’s needs. The courses are effective, and young people benefit from completion.”
Harambee Youth Employment Acceleration
"Using Lightbulb's services has led to an increase in employee productivity and safety awareness. It is impossible to cheat this system: therefore, people take the necessary and appropriate steps to become certified. Our facility can train 5000 people simultaneously instead of 20-50 at a time."
“We at Siyakhulisa Skills Academy would strongly recommend Lightbulb Edtech as a Virtual Learning Environment provider. The Lightbulb platform has worked well to help us achieve our goal of developing existing and new user skills on any mobile device. Lightbulbs support makes our clients feel like they are a partner rather than a supplier. Their dedication to assisting us has helped keep our training fresh and helpful.”
Siyakhulisa Skills Academy
“Lightbulb EdTech has helped us manage and administer a Virtual Learning environment for our contractors and Mondi personnel. A competency-based system was designed to ensure workers' competence. Lightbulb Edtech has brought on knowledge, experience, and integrity that added significant value here at Mondi. Their services ensure that contractors make the necessary improvements and place emphasis on the importance of innovation.""
“[Their] Learning Management System (LMS) has been perfect for our needs and is easy to navigate and understand. The service we get from Lightbulb Edtech has been exceptional. All queries are responded to immediately. Always in such a friendly and professional way. I can only commend and thank them for their excellent service! Even though we are not one of your biggest clients, they have always provided us with outstanding service and made us feel important."