– Melandi Booyens

During the pandemic, it was scary how many businesses had to close doors. The biggest question last year was just simply, “How the heck do we survive this year?”

Of course, due to the chaos, the overall economy suffered a great financial dip and the question now becomes “How do we afford this year?”

Companies are trying to cover the basic costs, while still recovering from last year’s endless worries. An answer not everyone thinks of, and several people tend to dismiss easily, is EdTech.

So how can EdTech save you cost?

Now that’s an interesting question.

Imagine a world where you didn’t have to worry about staff training or even unfair dismissals. Now imagine all your staff can be trained before setting foot in your building.

For retail, this means saving time and improving efficiency.

For financial services, it means saving time and cutting costs.

For different industries, it means something different, but the fact remains that every industry has a gap for EdTech systems that will improve either cost, time or efficiency, if not all of these.


An EdTech system can automate your training programs across the world, meaning you don’t have to spend more time than you should. Because EdTech is online, this means training can be done remotely, immediately cutting the logistics from the picture. This will save both time and money.

Most EdTech systems, such as Lightbulb EdTech offers a user management system onboard. This means that you can view and track user activity and see how much time your employees spent on your training, as well as tracking their performance.

Some EdTech systems are also ideal for franchise training, providing global access to course material, which means that the training will be unified all across the board.

If you’re still not convinced, remember that business analytics is key to keep track of your business affairs and some EdTech’s provide tools that offer insight to your business education intelligence.

Edtech for your business